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Don't miss the deadlines

Stay up-to-date on progress

Receive daily reports of active and overdue tasks

Connect your database easily and get notified of your and your team's active and overdue tasks automatically every day.

Get notified on email and other channels

Stay updated always with daily reports through email, Slack, Discord, Webhook, Zapier, and Telegram. Reduce delays and increase efficiency of your product management.

Know what tasks your team has been doing for some time

Assign team leaders to the members and let the team leaders keep track of their team's tasks. You can create multiple teams and assign multiple team leaders to these teams.

Say 👋 to missed deadlines

Are you struggling to keep track of your entire team and to remind them of their tasks? If so, this is a better way to stay organized.

Ensure to follow the roadmap

Be aware of the tasks and make data-driven task management decisions.

Save your time with automatic reports

Let the task list of team members be created automatically.

Don't waste your time looking for formulas

Focus on your product instead of wasting time with complex formulas.

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Get daily reports on email and other channels
— stay updated always.

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